All proceeds raised will be used to support delivery of our FREE 10 week abuse and trauma healing programme to survivors across the UK

Clear Path uk Conference 2022

Showing you the path to an
abuse free future

7th October 2022
9am - 6pm

PWC Headquarters
Forty Clarendon Road

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Did You Know...

1 in 5 of all calls to police in the UK are domestic abuse related

21% of UK children are impacted by direct abuse or witnessing it in their homes

1 in 6 of every UK homelessness case is caused by abuse

Commonplace violent abuse of women and girls in porn has changed perceptions around intimate relationships

The conviction rate for rape is 1.8%

The conviction rate for child sexual abuse is 3%

The average police investigation involving abuse is over 2 years long

Victims are instructed to NOT seek therapy until after the trial, due to a precedent in "witness coaching by a therapist" which was successfully used to defend a serial rapist in the UK

The unhealed trauma caused by abuse is spreading and escalating through every generation. When we put these statistics together, it's easy to see how one impacts another. The way forward is clear. To tackle a problem this huge, we need to work together

Join us and discover the root causes of abuse in our communities, the biggest obstacles to healing, support and justice and the solutions, to overcome them.

We need to heal the divide between those who have experienced abuse and professionals working to protect us all.

Gain knowledge and insight to break cycles and create positive change in your every day and professional life.

Clear Path UK (CIC) is a coalition of survivor and professional-led services that are pooling resources and research to create legislation and educated abuse reform.

To fix a problem, we believe we must first acknowledge it and discover its root causes. “We must stop pulling people out of the water. We must go upstream and find out why they are falling in.” - Desmond Tutu

At Clear Path UK we now know why. We have also identified realistic, achievable solutions.

With prevention, acknowledgment, trust and healing at the core of everything we do, we will provide you with the tools and resources to really make an impact and pave the way for abuse free futures.

Join us at Clear Path UK Conference this October.

Clearpath UK Conference 2022 Speakers

Natalie Page

Founder of the global campaign for survivor family justice #TheCourtSaid and director of Survivor Family Network.
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Porn and post separation abuse in Family Court.

Natalie talks about her latest research on the impact of porn in family law cases and her award-winning work on the often-overlooked rights and needs of abused mothers and children in family court.

Claire Louise Chamberlain

Founder of Clear Path UK
Creator of The Four Cornerstones of Healing
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Food banks to think tanks.

Claire talks about her experience of childhood trauma and abuse and how that directly led her into dangerously abusive relationships as an adult. She goes on to explain how she discovered so many others like her faced the same adversity and obstacles and what she decided to do about it.

Gemma Aitchison

(BA hons, MSc, PGCE) Founder of YES MATTERS UK
Multi-award Winning public speaker. PSHE/RSE & VAWG consultant & lecturer
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The links, and the lies. Gender stereotypes, objectification and porn.

Gemma inspects the root causes of violence against women and girls. Gemma will be speaking about un-convicted rape, domestic homicides at historical highs, 9 out of 10 girls feeling unsafe at school and Britain being the third greatest consumer of child pornography in the world. All these things have sexual objectification at the heart of them. Gemma will explore the gender stereotype of sexual objectification and how it impacts the lives of men, women and children, and most importantly, what we can do about it.

Becca Sellar

Para-Athlete and Coach
Ambassador for Hope United
EE "Not her problem" Campaign
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A family unhealed.

Becca will tell her own survival story for the first time and how becoming involved in Football saved her life and helped her overcome anxiety and low self-esteem.

She is a multi-talented Para-Athlete and Coach who has represented Scotland across numerous sports and featured in the National Wheelchair Tennis series in 2017. She is currently the only woman who plays amputee football for Scotland.
Rebecca has joined forces with EE and other football stars as a squad member of Hope United. Their current campaign - "Not her Problem" discusses the misogyny faced online and how men need to do their part to prevent it.

Jeremy Indika

Founder of Something to Say
Inspirational speaker and content creator
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This is everyone’s concern.

Jeremy speaks about his journey from enduring child sexual abuse to starting to share his story in public.
He knew of open mic nights in London, where anybody could sign up and get 5 mins on the stage to perform what they wished. The night was mainly singers and musicians, but he went as a storyteller and began telling his story.
That is where 'Something to Say' began.

Charissa Cooke

TikTok Influencer and Head of Spiritual Youth Advocacy
Campaigner for sexual assault prevention, justice and support
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Support to report.

Charissa speaks about how she was groomed and raped as a teenager but because the people she disclosed to didn't believe her, she was convinced that the authorities wouldn't listen either.
She was shamed into silence.
As a result it wasn't until she was in her 30s that she finally reported the offences to the police.
As an adult she set up a TikTok account to share her experiences in an effort to raise awareness. After receiving thousands of comments & messages by other child victims, she began to support others who had been abused too.
Her honest & nurturing approach struck a chord & her account has now gained over 90k followers, with thousands of victims reaching out to Charissa for help.

Sharon Livermore

EIDA Ambassador & Director of Kameo recruitment
Creator of Sharon's Policy
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I almost became a statistic of domestic abuse.

Sharon successfully campaigned for Sharon's Policy, is an Ambassador for the Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse and a Campaigner for the Domestic Abuse Alliance.

Sharon talks about her story of survival and her work to create a positive impact, and end the perception and associated stigma that comes from the belief that – what happens in a marital home isn’t our business.
Domestic abuse is everyone’s business.

Michael Conroy

Director of Men at Work CIC
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Boyhood. Misconceptions and misogyny.

Michael speaks about his mission to empower – through knowledge, skills and confidence – a widening range of professionals to help boys and young men achieve their potential as positive assets to their peer-groups, their places of education, their communities and, in time, their own partners and families. They are focused on the goal of fostering violence-free relationships, families and communities and on helping to remove obstacles to safe, empathetic and respectful lives – all through constructive, reflective dialogue.

Rosie Watson

Head of External Communications for the Domestic Abuse (DA) Alliance
PR leader at Clear Path UK
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Protection is Prevention.

Rosie will talk about the impact of legal support and protection on helping victims to escape abuse. The DA Alliance has developed WEPROTECT (a free-to-use mobile app, and online portal) to enable police officers and specialist domestic abuse support services to make timely and effective referrals for legal assistance, and to monitor the journey and legal outcomes for victims of abuse.

Gemma Herron

Domestic abuse Director at Clear Path UK
DASH qualified domestic abuse advocate
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The ‘leave him’ trap.

Gemma will be discussing the ‘leave him’ trap, sharing her personal experience as a survivor and domestic abuse support worker, as well as the steps which can be taken to ensure consistent outcomes for survivors and the need for cross-sector education around this issue.

Chris Luff MBE

Chamber of conscience
CEO Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce
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Collective conscience.

Chris Luff has been awarded an MBE for his services to the community in Watford during the Covid-19 crisis.
Chris will speak about his belief in communication and collaboration within the public sector and community outreach programmes and how he utilises his numerous contacts and working background to take a lead role in many initiatives which benefit communities.
His journey to discovering the epidemic of domestic and child abuse and his passion for connecting like-minded people who are prepared to invest time in others and the greater good.

Chris Ashton

Director of The Freedom Programme and Founder of End Abuse UK
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Perpetrator behaviour. Education, Awareness & Support.

Chris speaks about her aims to improve the safety and lives of domestic abuse victims in the UK by collecting, producing, distributing and sharing knowledge, ideas, education, information, resources, strategies and inspirations.

Pinky McLean-Knight

Independent Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Newhaven, East Sussex
Aunty Pinky of TikTok
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Kindness isn’t Weakness

Pinky is a working class warrior and speaks of how she worked her way up despite the obstacles created by her childhood trauma to become an Independent Councillor and Deputy Mayor.
She champions the down trodden from her platform on TikTok and within the community. Her passion lies with survivors, especially those from minority groups with additional barriers to support. She’s known as 'Auntie Pinky' to her fans and followers, because love is at the centre of everything she does for the family she’s created.

Darren Downs

Assistant Chief Constable (Retired 2022)
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Darren talks about the challenges we all face, the barriers and hurdles in the way and his passion to improve services and support to victims of Domestic Abuse. He focuses on violence against Women & Girls and his thoughts on changes that would deliver better services to victims of abuse from a police perspective.

Clare Waters

Board member, Human Givens Institute
Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist
Learn More

Hypnotherapy is not a dirty word.

Clare will discuss her own experience of trauma at a London Bombing and how that led her on a journey to understand the human mind's reaction to traumatic events including symptoms and signs, trauma informed practice and the misconceptions around Hypnotherapy as a healing tool.


Celebrity Presenter

Eve Horne

Singer-Songwriter, Producer and Founder of PeakMusicUK. She began at the Brit School, then signed to Polydor, then EMI and toured internationally.
Through her campaign 'We Are The Unheard', Eve is on a mission to change the narrative and promote equality for women in the music industry. She believes that ‘the music should speak first’.
Eve is passionate about promoting women, black and minority ethnic women and LGBTQ+ communities in music and hopes the campaign will effect change and encourage more women to see that they have choices and careers in the music industry.
Eve’s message is, “Believe in yourself and don’t let anybody put your flame out. Shine bright!”

Performing LIVE

Our fantastic live performers share Clear Path UK's mission to give the silenced a voice.
These amazing artists will perform their empowering songs and use music and lyrics to highlight some of the dangers perpetrators pose to the hearts and minds of their victims.
These songs will be available in our digital breadcrumb pack which will be sent out after the event, so that you can always find your way back to the Clear Path.

Fiona Kennedy

The versatile singer-songwriter is equally at ease performing heartbreaking highland ballads, emotive country songs, swinging jazz or get-up-and-dance pop. 
She’s delighted to have co-written and recorded ‘Warrior’ especially for Clear Path with Claire Louise Chamberlain’s words, together with musician and producer Nils Elders.

Eve Horne

Singer-Songwriter, Producer and Founder of PeakMusicUK. Eve began at the Brit School, then signed to Polydor, then EMI and toured internationally.

Through her campaign 'We Are The Unheard', Eve is on a mission to change the narrative and promote equality for women in the music industry. She believes that ‘the music should speak first’.

Eve is passionate about promoting women, black and minority ethnic women and LGBTQ+ communities in music and hopes the campaign will effect change and encourage more women to see that they have choices and careers in the music industry.

Eve’s message is, “Believe in yourself and don’t let anybody put your flame out. Shine bright!”

Louise Harris

A pop singer-songwriter whose song ‘Maybe’ was a theme song for our 2021 event.
Louise is rising to fame with over 9 million streams of her latest single, over 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 55,000 followers on TikTok as the 'Subway Singer'.

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7th October 2022

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7th October 2022

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95% of victims are financially abused and plunged into poverty. Gifting access to these resources could save a life.

All gifted tickets will be distributed by Clear Path UK to survivors of abuse.

Accessibility & inclusion

We pride ourselves on making all events and programmes we run as accessible and inclusive as possible. We have staff onsite trained in all four categories of need and have ensured that support is available throughout the event. The venue is 100% wheelchair accessible from the car park to the event space and toilet facilities.

Carers are valued and welcome to attend at no cost when accompanying a disabled ticket holder. Guide dogs are welcome and water bowls are available. Deaf and hard of hearing attendees are able to access all materials and resources on the day. Low sensory and well-being spaces are available for deregulation and trigger relief throughout the event.

For overnight stay, please contact Travel Lodge Central Watford and more information. The nearest carparks are WATFORD JUNCTION STATION CARPARK and CITI PARK SUTTON, Estcourt Rd, WD17 2PS. The nearest train station is WATFORD JUNCTION STATION For further enquires please reach out to

The Four Cornerstones of Healing

This event is designed to help us to reach more people with our message and mission.

We also raise funds though the conference to deliver The Four Cornerstones of Healing programme to survivors for free.

After escaping abuse the majority of survivors often suffer with debilitating trauma-induced issues. Claire created our programme to enable survivors to access trauma-informed healing tools that are otherwise unavailable in the UK.

This means that they can understand and manage their triggers, take back control of their lives and flourish beyond the trauma and abuse. We aim to make valuable, trauma-informed but inaccessible healing resources readily and freely available to survivors of abuse.

The successful pilot of our healing from trauma and abuse programme has been delivered for the past year and comes in two formats;

A four-hour workshop. (Venues have included domestic abuse refuges and community centres.)

A 10 week interactive programme delivered virtually or in person for one and a half hours each week with exercises and goals for service users to achieve at each stage.

The programme focuses on teaching how to understand obstacles and triggers to develop healthy coping mechanisms and life skills.

There are four cornerstones or technique groups, which used together are powerful in building a strong foundation for healing and post-traumatic growth. They follow on from and solidify each other, to enable survivors of abuse to not only manage triggers and create coping mechanisms for living life after abuse, but to empower them to move beyond their abuse into a happy, peaceful and fulfilled life.

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